My Cave-Girl Habits.

Jan 8, 2013 Tuesday DAY 5 - Caffeine temptation and withdrawal
Day 5, I think I may have had a little caffeine melt down this morning!! I actually had to make myself NOT look at the coffee jar. I have done well and I am use to green tea. But oohhhh a coffee. I'll get over it. Other then that Things went smoothly. My family is eating more and more Paleo! So funny and such a blessing. I did not go into this pushing it and my hubby said he was interested because the diet excluded beans (he hates beans) and allows manly serves of meat lol, but he was going to watch my progress and then look closer. Not even a week in and he is doing his best to have all of us eating this way, he is supporting me without even realising. Last night the kids were excited about dinner and we spent quite a bit of time just talking about food. They had many questions for me about what I have learnt and I was more than happy to share. Seems like God has done a job on my whole household. Awesome!! I am going to start adding my workouts as I realised some people may be curious. My daughter took my weekly pics today, I compared them with week one and I was wiped out at how much has changed. My back fat is slowly disappearing! YAY!
WORKOUT - 30 walk after dinner with my family up a hill that would revile Mt. Everest! Then off to the gym for cardio and weights. My heart rate monitor calculated the cal burn at 905.

Jan 7, 2013. Monday  DAY 4 - This week I have challenged myself to 2 workouts a day, I have the energy so I am going to use it.
Day 4 was a breeze, came and went. My husband put me through a tough session at the gym because I told him about my dream arms and shoulders!!! Feeling it now, but I am so glad. 
One notable thing that continues to surprise me is that my hunger tremors have gone. Before starting this way of eating (I have been eating Paleo for 8 days now) I would shake and tremble about a half an hour before meals and half way through workouts. If I didn't eat, I would be sick and faint. That has gone completely. I have even tested it by not eating at the usual meal time! AWESOME. So that is a full day with no cheats, no snacks, just 3 meals and I am not hungry and suffering. I am sure it was the onset of diabetes. I had suffered from gestational diabetes during 4 of my 8 pregnancies and it was a lot like this....BUT it is gone. Hallelujah. 
WORKOUT - Morning - I did a Kettle Bell workout 45 minutes and 407 cal burnt. First weights - I have hardly any muscles strength so it is a challenge!! But tonight Paul put me through my first really serious weight session. 45 minutes on shoulder and chest muscles - ooouuuccchhh. Then 30 minutes on the bike cal burn - 775

Jan 6, 2013 Sunday  DAY 3 - Out and about with no packed lunch

Day 3 came and went without a fuss. It was Sunday and we decided to take a big trip to the next town to visit another church. SO a day away from home at short notice scared me a little. I had no time to pack a lunch after getting the kiddies ready for church and doing 5 hairdos!! We woke up, had breakfast, got dressed, grabbed drink bottles and church bags and headed out. During the 1 hour trip I read to my husband as he drove and prayed that I would stick to the Whole30 plan and make wiser choices whilst out and about. After church, during fellowship, I said no to the coffee, cake, cookies etc. Then we went to the park and my hubby went to hunt and gather!! He is such a champion, he came back with grapes, cherry tomatoes, chicken, and just a bag full of clean and fresh goodies. My whole family enjoyed our time and I was able to stick to plan. I was also blessed by my families encouragement because I had handled temptation so well.  Funny thing is though, after reading the book, 'It Starts With Food' I am no longer tempted by the junk I use to stuff in my mouth. 
I am daily blown away by my family, I have started and stopped so many diets so many times in the last 11 years and I would think they would be sick of this merry-go-round. But my hubby says he sees something different in me this time. He could be right, but that comes from so many things combined. 
1 - God's answer to my desperate prayer for help and self-control. 
2. Paul and the children encouraging and supporting me at every turn.
3. My decision to go public, because we have few friends and they are not that close really. My best friends are all far off :(   So my use of Instagram and Facebook have surprised and helped  me immensely. Ladies and gentleman I have not met are becoming another reason I push harder at the gym. I see champions that JUST DO IT, ladies that have come through the other side of fat, mothers that are battling now with me, single ladies, beautiful young woman that are fighting the fight, then there are the ones that just love to encourage and so many more. They make me come alive and it pushes me harder. I see mothers that tinker on the edge of giving up, I see others starving themselves, others relying on shakes, gimmicks and diets that will not keep weight off for long and ultimately lead to heartache again. These are some of the people that encourage me to live in the open. They help me and I hopefully help them.
I want quick fixes too, but that is what killed every attempt in my past. This time I eat like a Gladiator (on the Whole 30) compare myself to no-one and I train as hard as my body can handle. I am starting to push myself a little more each day, as my confidence kicks in, but I know it will take time.
4. The last thing that is different this time, is that I love how I feel. I love the burn at the gym, I love the food, I love the smiles on the kids faces, my hubby's joy when I push out five more reps and just my overall feeling that is inside me. I feel like a champion, focussed and powerful. The weak and pathetic feelings that plagued me are go - Glory To God.

Jan 5, 2013 Saturday   DAY 2
Day 2 is over and I made it through without a hitch. I actually experienced something amazing and worth mentioning.
I had to work out later this evening, it was my babies 4th bday so it was a different kind of day, so I did not make it to the gym until 10pm. I then did over an hour of cardio, planks and ab's...the amazing thing was - I had not eaten since about 3 pm when I had some fruit, normally I would have been shaky and totally unable to concentrate or workout. Maybe it is the protein or the lack of sugar that did it, but I have never gone that long without feeling faint and ill before. This makes the Whole30 a lot more exciting.
The whole family wants to share what I am doing so I have been making whole meals for us, which is fabulous and exciting, their support is beautiful. Reading the book 'It Starts With Food' has opened my eyes to so much and watching the kids eat cereal this morning was hard. I have got to find a way to make proper breakfasts affordable. I can remember Jamie Oliver once saying that he would never feed his children cereal, we tried to change but the shopping bill went through the roof.  There has to be a way.
Day 2, done, easy, fulfilling, no cravings - party food was seasonal fruit and the cake was 4 cupcakes all eaten in one sitting, so no tempting cake for me to see every time I opened the fridge.

Jan 4, 2013 Friday   DAY 1
OK, a disclaimer before I go any further.
I am a Creationist, which for me briefly means my world begins and ends with God, His Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit. So it all began with The Holy Spirit hovering above the expanse awaiting God's command to begin...there was no big bang! And you can bash my head with a 4x4 pole and I will still never believe the junk that spews from the mouths of people that believe in some, 'I once was a piece of slime' or 'I trace my family Tree back to George of the Jungle' rubbish.  I find it funny, really really funny.  

Having said that, it is really cool to be participating in a diet that claims to draw from our fore fathers the 'Cavemen', lol. Sorry trying to contain it. For me it is a diet designed by God for Adam and Eve! As fallen people we have reverted to the easy options and hence are slowly poisoning ourselves and no longer taking nourishment seriously. (OK I am speaking for myself)I do believe much of what they say (as far as I know so far) but I leave the caveman talk and chuckle when I see it or hear it. 

Today I started Whole30 which will take me through 30 days of eating in a way that God designed it before McDonalds and artificial flavourings entered the world. I am keeping this as a log to track my health, well being, feeling, strength and overall experience during the next 30 days. At day 1 I feel fabulous, the food has been wonderful and non restrictive, the fact that I have not counted one calorie or written in a food log is liberating. Who knows it may just be that I am at the beginning of something that has me feeling so great, we will see as each day passes.

Day 1
Week 1
December 8, 2012
After 11 years of failing this is it.

I am through with quitting.

So my blog has a focus.... My weightless journey.
My goals are simple, I need to get healthy. Years of pregnancy, illness, family tragedy and tons of excuses have led to me having high cholesterol, high blood pressure, fatty liver etc etc
So December 2012 is my beginning point and I will not quit on myself.

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